2012 wall calendar preview

Here are a few images of the 2012 wall calendar I've been working on.  It will be available in my online shop in September.  After working with layered illustrations and full color in my desk calendar, I'm loving the simplicity of these two-three color designs.  Check back soon for my desk calendar preview!


in the pink

The pretty pink sedums I planted nearly three months ago are finally blooming! Here are a few other inspiring pinks:

triangles tea towel by leah duncan, intricate folded topstitching jersey by out of line, and tulip pillow by pikku


today's top stationery artists

Tori Higa (a fabulous designer) just released her second book “Today’s Top Stationery Artists 2.” It (along with the first book) features a hand-picked selection of some of today's best independent paper designers. I’m so proud that I was selected as one of the featured designers! Thanks, Tori! I’m thrilled to see my designs among so many of my favorite designers: Ink + Wit, Old School Stationers, Smock, Susy Jack, and Two Trick Pony (just to name a few). Featuring over 350 vibrant and inspiring images, it’s a great book for fellow designers and paper lovers alike. You can purchase it online here.


new pocket journals

my newest product additions: four seasonal pocket journals available here. a contrast from my typical simple white backgrounds, i've been playing with rich layers of hatch lines and scribbles behind plant silhouettes. i love the depth and dreamy look to them. you'll see more of this style in my 2012 calendar (coming soon).


home sweet home

i'm back! after closing the store in february i needed to take some time to regroup, rearrange, and rethink. i've moved my studio back to my home, and i am so happy with my simplified life. i can't believe how much extra design and mom time i have now that i'm not managing a store! although i could use some more square footage, i love the perks of a live/work space. i'll post a studio tour soon.

while i'm on the subject of home, i wanted to share a few pics of my trip to visit my mom in my home town of vinalhaven (an island off the coast of maine). it was fun watching my son exploring tide pools and hunting for crabs under the seaweed in the same places i did as a kid. i left there feeling so inspired and thankful to have spent my childhood there. BEAUTIFUL.