home sweet home

i'm back! after closing the store in february i needed to take some time to regroup, rearrange, and rethink. i've moved my studio back to my home, and i am so happy with my simplified life. i can't believe how much extra design and mom time i have now that i'm not managing a store! although i could use some more square footage, i love the perks of a live/work space. i'll post a studio tour soon.

while i'm on the subject of home, i wanted to share a few pics of my trip to visit my mom in my home town of vinalhaven (an island off the coast of maine). it was fun watching my son exploring tide pools and hunting for crabs under the seaweed in the same places i did as a kid. i left there feeling so inspired and thankful to have spent my childhood there. BEAUTIFUL.

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Autumn said...

Love the pictures...makes me homesick for the ocean! :)