we're going greener!

As the busy holiday season approaches, I've been seeking out products to make MPM more eco-friendly. Here are some great changes we're excited to be implementing:

*All of our individual greeting cards are now packaged in certified compostable cello sleeves (manufactured from plant material)!

*We will be using eco-friendly shipping supplies. Have you heard of EcoEnclose? We are so excited to have found them! They sell 100% biodegradable bubble mailers, 100% recycled chipboard mailers, recycled boxes, and recycled packing material. They get bonus points for their lovely branding (the cute bird in images above).

As always we continue to use recycled paper, and we work with printers with environmentally friendly practices. One of our printers for short run jobs, CatPrint (www.catprint.com), is a great example of this. They are wind powered, offer recycled paper options, and package their orders with edible packing peanuts. How cool is that?!


Elizabeth Kiepert said...

That's awesome! We'll have to talk- I've been researching the same things for MUSE lately:)

Modern Printed Matter said...

yes, let's! the bubble mailers rock. they have an extra adhesive strip on the outside so that they can be used a second time by the receiver. they are lightweight and would probably work great for shipping jewelry : )